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The 5 Greatest Pitfalls in Home Selling

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With so many tasks that need to be done prior to listing, selling your home can be exhausting. You want to make sure all of that hard work pays off though, right? So in all the preparations, be sure you avoid falling into any of these five major home-selling pitfalls:

1. Using Lack Luster Photos

In today’s modern tech world, most home searches begin online. So, if you or your agent hasn’t posted photos of your home yet, it’s time. Just make sure that they’re quality photos. That means no blurry pictures, no photos that show a messy a room, no flash reflections in mirrors. Your photos should put your home’s best foot forward. After all, they’re doing the initial pitch for prospective buyers.

2. Minimizing the Importance of a Tidy Space

Nobody likes a home that looks like a pig-sty, especially a home they’re looking to buy. You want to give the appearance of a well-maintained and cared for house. Even if underneath the mess your house is in excellent shape, a messy space sends a conflicting message so put on some good shoes and break out the duster, it’s time to clean up and de-clutter if you want to sell.

3. Not Seeking Professional Help

You’re great a lot of things, we’re sure of it, but selling your home on your own likely isn’t one of them, that is of course if you want to sell quickly and get the best deal. There is so much chaos that comes with trying to sell a house on your own, from pricing to closing contracts, qualifying a buyer and much more. If you expect to live a normal life outside your sale, it’s wise to seek the help of a professional. Don’t want to take our word for it? Then listen to the stats – homes without professional representation sit on the market longer and end up selling at a lower price than those that enlisted the help of an agent.

4. Ignoring Repairs

That peeling paint in your living room – yeah, you need to take care of it before listing. If you show your home in a less than show-ready state, you’re likely going to take a hit on the price or receive offers that include a request for a credit back to cover the cost of repairs. It may be more work and more money upfront to make necessary repairs, but when you get a great offer on your home you’ll see that it was well-worth the effort.

5. Over or Under Pricing Your House

Of all the big no-no’s you could commit during a home sale, mispricing is one of the most damaging pitfalls. If you over-price your home may sit on the market for a long while or you may end up wasting countless hours preparing for showings and open houses only to be left offer-less again. If you underprice, you risk doing yourself a disservice. Unless there is a reason to price-to-sell, it’s important to ensure your house falls in at a competitive asking price. Talk with a professional about your local market and learn all you can about comparables to be sure your home is priced appropriately.

What do you think is the most dangerous home-selling pitfall? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Author: Erny Pinckert

My first priority is you - always. It is my goal to provide you with the most innovative real estate services on the Central Coast. My reputation of integrity and trust, deep commitment to the community we live and work in, and my family-oriented culture makes me the real estate agent of choice for those seeking the highest quality resources, support and service.

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