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Spring Into the Season


Spring is in the air in San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara counties! With the promise of warm weather, outdoor activities and beach season on the horizon, Californians are ripe with anticipation. The only question is, which springtime happenings will you jump into first? Here is your complete guide to a season of fun!

Fun with Fido

Get out and about with your four-legged friend at any of these fabulous pet-friendly places:

Just for the Kids

Embarking on a family adventure? These child-friendly activities are sure to be fun for the whole crew!

Food, Festivals and More

Whether you’re hanging out with the adults only crowd or looking for some family-friendly activities, our little slice of the California coast has it all!

Did we miss a springtime event you’re excited about? Share it with us in the comments!


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Turning ‘New Town’ into ‘Hometown’

Doesn’t it feel great to have all of those boxes unpacked? Everything has found a place and your new house is finally starting to feel like home. It’s a great start, but that’s not where getting settled ends. Take a few tips from our guide on how to start transforming ‘new town’ into ‘hometown’.

1.)    Pretend You’re on Vacation

Courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Acting like a tourist is a great way to get to know your town. Pick up a city map to learn streets and the best routes to common destinations, like your child’s school or the local dog park. Pop into the visitor’s center or a local bookstore to pick up information on restaurants, stores and the like, or just get crunching in front of your computer. There are plenty of websites which will offer valuable information about your town.

2.)    Find Like-Minds

One of the easiest ways to meet people in your new town? Do things that you like to do. Don’t force yourself to go to whiskey bars or yoga in the park in an attempt to meet people if that’s not what you enjoy. Rather, opt for an activity or volunteer program that incorporates something that you like. It’s more probable that you’ll find like-minds with a common ground to build on.

3.)    Stretch Your Legs

Think of neighborhood walks as both a personal and social opportunity. You’ll feel more comfortable once you’ve explored your new town. It gives you the chance to discover off-the-beaten path destinations that your guidebooks may not have mentioned, like a teeny local café or a great place to take morning runs. You’ll also open yourself up to more opportunities to chat with neighbors and locals.

4.)    Get the Kids Out and About

With all of the chaos a move can bring, sometimes it’s easier to forget the impact that a big move can have on kids. Once you’ve gotten a lay of the land, set up play dates for younger children either with classmates or neighborhood kids. It’s fun for them and could be great for you, too. Who knows? Maybe your toddler’s favorite playmate will also have great parents that become your new best friends.

Moving is supposed to be fun, so think of getting to know your new town as a chance to embark on an adventure. You never know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet, but it’s all part of the ride. So, enjoy it! Make the most out of your move and soon the word ‘new’ will have disappeared when you reflect on your town; it’ll just be home

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Making the Most of San Luis Obispo County

Prudential California Realty is Central Coast’s Real Estate experts. Our first priority is you – always. It is our goal to provide you with the most innovative real estate services on the Central Coast.

Whether you live in San Luis Obispo County, are moving here, or simply coming in for a short business / pleasure trip, you are going to need something to do. For visitors, what usually happens is they will ask the front desk clerk or  a local they pass on the street, “What is there to around here?”

The local may reply, “You know….I’m not too sure.”

Unless you live in a major city like New York or Chicago, renowned to have an extensive list of fine dining and entertainment, than it can sometimes be easy to forget about what your area of the world has to offer. Let’s face it: after a hard work week, most of us would really love to go out to a nice dinner and cut up the dance floor, but sometimes we take for granted some of the great things our community has.

As experts in this area of the country, we believe San Obispo County offers its residents and visitors a great deal to be proud of in the way of enjoyments, but we aren’t the only ones. We got excited just looking at this top 10 list for the county and decided our thoughts on some favorites:


Naturally, we will start with food. We came across this great article that proclaims, “In San Luis Obispo County, there’s no shortage of options to satisfy your appetite.” After looking at the list, we have to agree. San Luis Obispo County has numerous restaurants to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

  • Our favorite? Thai Talay. Why? Between the restaurant’s beautiful atmosphere, delicious food and food presentation, we have never been disappointed.

Miscellaneous Events

Looking for a list of what’s happening this weekend? Head over here for a comprehensive calendar to help you plan something exciting. The calendar includes everything from concerts to comedy shows to festivals.

  • Our favorite? Honestly, this list is so extensive we couldn’t pick one.


If you are going to make a list of things to do, you have to include a section for children. The added element of children can prove difficult for any parent looking for something to do that will make everyone happy. That is why we found this list of 353 things you can do with kids.


With over 200 wineries and vineyards in San Luis Obispo County, this is a category we had to tell you about. Depending on how much you like your wine, this might be one to save for another occasion, but we also think you can’t visit or live in San Luis Obispo County without visiting a winery or vineyard. The toughest part will be figuring out which one to visit first.

  • Our favorite? Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards Why? This lovely family owned and operated vineyard is on a country road filled with oak trees and wild flowers. The staff treats us like we are a member of their family. Oh, and the wine is amazing too!

We are quite confident that with this list, you will be able to carve out an entire weekend of things to do. Business meeting, vacation, romantic night away? It doesn’t matter. Prudential California Realty doesn’t just sell homes, we also help you enjoy your time inside them and outside of them.